AABEA Atlanta-Southeast Chapter

Dr. Saleh Uddin (uddinsaleh1@gmail.com)

Engineer Lutfur R.Khandaker (lrk2665@msn.com)

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M. Saleh Uddin, PhD, Professor Kennesaw State U

Lutfur R Khandaker, PE, President & CEO, KBK Structural

M. A. Karim, PhD, P.E., Professor Kennesaw State U

Shabbir Ahmed, PhD,  Professor, EE, Georgia Tech.

Rasha Ashraf, PhD, Assistant Professor, Georgia State U

Forhadul Huq, Civil Engg, PSugarloaf Group LLC. Atlanta

Syed Shariful Hossain, IT Software Engineer

Mahbuba Ferdousi, CS, Assoc Dean of Inf. Tech., Emory U

Mahbuba Sultana, BS Computer Engineering

Hasan Imtiaz Chowdhury, PhD, Industrial Engineering

Anwarul Haque, PhD, Associate Professor, U of Alabama

Pablo Biswas, PhD, Assistant Professor, Mercer U

Golam Mohiuddin (Golam), IT, AT&T Technology

Golam Mohiuddin (Muhib), Software Engineer

Sajjad Hassan, Electrical Engg, Georgia Power Company

Dewan Arsalan, Computer Science, Manager at Fiserv

Raunac A. Khandaker, CE, Federal Government

Shehreen Saleh, M. Architecture, BS Arch Studies

Ruben Amin, B Architecture, MS in Motion Media

Zaheen Uddin, BS Mechatronics Engineering

M Kamal Hossain, PhD, Assoc Professor, ME, Tuskegee U

Shamim A Begum, PhD, Assoc Professor, CE, Tuskegee U

Sajjad Khan, Mechanical Engineering

Anwar Khan, CIS, Software Engineering, General Motors

Sudhamoy Bhattacharjea, Mechanical Engineering

Gauranga Banik, PhD, PE, Professor & Head, College of Engg, Arch & Tech, Oklahoma State U

Mir Mujibar Rahman, ME, Retired, Former Executive VP of RD&E and Chief Engineer of Pirelli

Tofael Khan, ME, Senior Software Engineer, IBM Corporation

S. Wali Haider, PhD, Mechanical and Industrial Engineer

Gazi Bazlur Rashid, MBA, M Engg, Mechanical Engineering

Selina Mustafa (Molly), Eletrical & Computer Engineering

Sabina Shahnaz, MS, BS, Civil Engineering

Mohammed Chowdhury, PhD, Asst Prof., Kennesaw State U

Mokter Hossain, PhD, Lecturer, Kennesaw State University

Hafiz Ahmed, PhD, PE, Lockhead-Martin Aeronautical Co.

Moonmoon Saleh, BS Biochemistry

Mozharul Eric Hussain, BS Industrial Engineering

FaruqueHossain, PhD, Asst. Professor, Kennesaw State U


Website Contact
Saleh Uddin (uddinsaleh1@gmail.com)

We are pleased to inform that AABEA (American Association of Bangladeshi Engineers and Architects) CEC and Board of Directors has facilitated to open the new "Atlanta-Southeast Chapter" as per the AABEA constitutional guidelines.

Atlanta has a large Bangladeshi community with professionals from disciplines of Engineering, Architecture, Computer Science, Information Technology, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. The objective of the AABEA Atlanta-Southeast chapter is to provide a common platform for professionals in Atlanta and the Southeast region of the US to initiate, share, and participate in various activities to enhance their professional, social, and cultural activities.

On July 27, 2019 the chapter was formally formed with its executive committee in a local restaurant in Atlanta in presence of 36 participants.


The U.S. Geological Survey considers the Southeast region to be Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Major cities are; Miami (FLA), Atlanta (GA), Charlotte (NC), Nashville (TN), Jacksonville (FLA), Memphis (TN), New Orleans (LA), Louisville (KY).


The American Association of Bangladeshi Engineers and Architects, Inc., (AABEA) (www.aabea.org) is a non-profit professional organization established in 1984 and registered in the State of Pennsylvania. At present, it consists of 12 local chapters nationwide and a central committee, which rotates every two years to different chapter regions. The mission of the organization is to provide services to its members as well as greater Bangladeshi community in various areas. The present Central Executive Committee (CEC) is located in Silicon Valley, California.  All services provided under the auspices of AABEA are from the generous contributions from its members and other community members.

Some of the services that AABEA has provided during last few years are:

  1. Provided Career Development Services for Engineers, Architects, and IT professionals through various workshops and technical seminars;
  2. Provided Engineer-in- Training (EIT), Professional Engineering (PE), and AutoCAD software training classes for Bangladeshi American students and engineers;
  3. Provided various workshops for women to enhance their participation and skills in workplace;
  4. Organized Science Fair and Art competitions for K1-12 students annually as part of the youth development program;
  5. Providing limited scholarships for needy Bangladeshi students in pursuing their college education
  6. AABEA has a job search sub-committee that continuously helps job seekers to find jobs, to prepare resume and to enhance interview skill;
  7. AABEA hosts various Job Fairs by inviting Federal agencies as well as public and private enterprises.

In addition, AABEA offers educational and research support to improve technical education in Bangladesh so that their graduates can compete in the world market.


The Association shall be a non-profit, non-political, and non-religious voluntary engineering and architectural professional organization organized exclusively for educational, scientific, cultural, and charitable programs. The aims and objectives of the AABEA are:

A. To bring together and share ideas, technology, and experiences between engineering and architectural professionals of Bangladesh and North America.

B. To work towards the advancement of engineering and architectural professions in Bangladesh.

C. To work towards the advancement of engineering and architectural professions of Bangladeshis in North America.

D. To provide assistance in job search and career enhancement for its members and affiliates.

E. To conduct seminars and other educational programs.

F. To provide mutual assistance and cooperation between AABEA and other non-political associations/societies and institutions.

G. To help develop feasibility studies of various engineering and technological concerns of Bangladesh.

H. To collaborate with public bodies and with other societies for the benefit of the engineering and architectural professions as a whole.

I. To honor any individual/Group who has made significant and outstanding contributions to the profession of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Science


A Member of AABEA shall be a person of Bangladeshi origin with a degree (Bachelors, or Masters, or Ph.D.) in engineering, or architecture, or computer science, or environmental science who is a resident in North America. Any person of Bangladeshi origin having an EIT (Engineer-in-Training) or FE (Fundamentals of Engineering) certificate who is a resident in North America shall be eligible to be a member of AABEA. Any person of Bangladeshi origin having a registration as a Professional Engineer (PE) with any state or province of North America and who is a resident in North America shall also be eligible to be a member of AABEA. In addition, an Associate Member of AABEA shall be a person of Bangladeshi origin residing in North America who is a student of B. S. engineering, or architecture, or computer science, or an Associate engineering graduate or Diploma Engineering graduate.

The membership of AABEA Atlanta-Southeast shall consist of Members, Associate Members, Honorary Members, Guest Member, Life Members and Life Associate Members.

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